torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

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Should I watch and review this film, what do you say?


This is one of the best movies made in 2000. There is all the time going on something that boosts the adrenalin levels of the main character for a reason, if his adrenalin levels go too low he will die. At the beginning of the movie Chef Chelios watches an DVD that he found from his home, he is about to learn that he is poisoned and only thing that keeps him alive is adrenaline. The man starts his struggle agains time.

This is very entertaining movie, one of my favourites. Much action and few funny scenes, I truly recommend this for all of you.

keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

17 again

Personaly I don't like high school movies very much, I don't disslike them but that is not my favourite theme for a movie. Actually this movie was kind of good, maybe it is beacause Matthew Perry, turns into a 17-years old boy (I do not like 17-year old boys). That makes this movie some kind of special. I do like many films where some one turns into something he/she isn't (such as the one with Lindsay Lohan).  All I am going to say about this movie is that it is very entertaining watching this young Matthew Perry trying to solve all marriage issues and other stuff like that to get his marriage work again if he turns back into his adult form. This mighnt not be the movie for every one but it sure is fun to watch.

Solomon Kane

I decided to watch this movie just beacause the trailer was really good looking. But the whole film was totaly different from what I had expected, at the begining this man is in a huge fight, but then suddenly in just a few minutes he turns into a coward who has promised not to use his sword again. I was really upset after finishing the movie, I can't believe I managed to watch it till the end.

This film mighnt have been much better if I hadn't expected so much more fighting and playing with a sword. If you like movies where nothing really happens then this is the thing for you. I still do not recommend anyone to watch this.

The start

Now it starts, my own movie blog. I am going to short movie recommendations and tell you what movies you should watch and witch ones to avoid, I hope you all enjoy.